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Sod Installation


If you have an empty lot or a dirt-patched lawn but want a lush, green carpet of grass, sod installation is the fastest way to transform your property into verdant land. Royal Landscapes can give you a healthy lawn beginning on the day of the implementation of your sod. South Jersey has unique requirements for sodding, and as professionals at landscaping in South Jersey, we will give you tips on lawn care and help you maintain your sod to keep it as perfect as it looked on the day we planted it.

The Installation Process: Experienced landscaping companies in South Jersey like us can help you determine the proper type of sod for your property. Plus, we can also adapt to any existing design plans you may have. After a brief assessment, we offer you a price quote that factors in the sod type needed, your lot size, and other important factors. If accepted, we then prepare the land, which may involve assessing soil quality, adding soil where necessary, and rolling and preparing the soil for the sod. Finally, we plant the sod, giving you a new lawn immediately.

Better Than Grass: Using sod in South Jersey offers many benefits compared to growing a traditional grass lawn. Sod installation is easier than seeding and growing a lawn, and it’s much simpler and less time consuming to maintain sod. In South Jersey, like many areas, weeds often invade quickly when you start a lawn from scratch. Do you really want to waste time and energy watching grass gross? If you need a lawn for your business or home, sod will look the part as soon as it’s laid down.

We install all varieties of the highest quality sod. We can find a plan that meets your budget. Be the envy of the neighborhood!

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