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Are you looking to create the perfect garden, walkway, or backyard through great landscaping? In South Jersey, you need more than just the best plants and flowers. You also need the right mulch.

Mulch helps prevent weeds, and it keeps your landscape’s soil from eroding. Without it, your property may become a mess. Services that include landscaping in South Jersey often lay down mulch, but Royal Landscapes understands the subtle factors at play. For example, do you want mulch applied only once? Or do you want eco-friendly and organic mulch? Which mulch color best matches the rest of your landscape? We will help you answer these questions as we guide you to selecting the perfect mulch for your property.

Following a brief assessment of your land, we usually recommend one of the following types of mulch: pine straw, wood chips, black plastic, or different color dyed mulches. For hassle-free application, some mulches only need one application, such as many plastic types. Other mulches like the finer types are eco-friendly but decompose quickly and need new applications, usually in the spring. Landscaping in South Jersey has unique temperature and climate requirements, and you will want to partner with a company that has experience with these factors.

Want to get started? Then contact Atlantic Prime Turf today. Our mulching service package includes applying, maintaining, and monitoring your mulch to ensure it enhances your home’s or business’s aesthetic appeal.

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