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Residential Services

How many hours do you spend in your backyard, playing with your dog, barbecuing with friends or relaxing after a day’s work?  Have you considered how important curb appeal is when you sell a home?  Is there a landscaping project you’ve been dreaming about?

Whether you are interested in landscape design and installation, maintenance services, or hardscape services, we can help you create and maintain any garden you desire.

The Landscape Company’s quality, creativity and experience has enabled us to become one of the Bay Area’s premier residential landscape and lawn care companies.  We are entrusted to maintain the grounds of many high-profile properties.  All gardening and maintenance services are custom-designed to reflect a client’s tastes and lifestyle.


Lawn Maintenance

Atlantic Prime Turf LLC  Landscaping provides lawn mowing, spring and fall clean ups, shrub trimming, fertilization programs to individual homeowners to larger commercial properties on a weekly basis, during April through November.


Monthly Maintenance

This service will be performed on a monthly basis removing all unwanted vegetation in mulch beds, curbs, and parking lots. A liquid herbicide will be applied at manufacturer’s recommended rates. Service will be done in conjunction with the weekly mowing service.


Fertilizer is applied to give lawn’s extra nutrient requirement during an actively growing time period and to help build strong deep roots. Post-emergence broadleaf weed control will kill dandelions and other major lawn weeds. We offer different fertilization packages.


Core Aeration

Half-inch diameter plugs of thatch and soil are pulled from the ground during this process, allowing for better air, water, & nutrient soil penetration which will promote a deeper, healthier root system. When aerating your lawn, we perform two passes across all areas,creating more holes in the soil. The “cores” are left on the surface on your lawn and will break down after a few weeks, recycling more nutrients back down into the soil.



Mulching is done once a year in the spring. Benefits of mulching will help keep weeds from invading your planting beds, allowing trees and plants to conserve water, control soil temperature allowing for optimal growth.



Clean-cut edging provides a definite edge to where the lawn ends and the beds begin. Each year, these boundaries are re-edged to maintain that clean-cut look.


Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up includes removal of all fallen leaves, sticks and debris from your lawn, mulch beds, and hard surfaces. Service will be done prior to mulch application. All accumulated debris will be removed from the premises by the contractor.


Fall Clean Up

Leaves will be removed from the lawn areas and placed along the curbside for pickup by the township. A final leaf clean-up will be performed in late November removing leaves from the mulch beds, driveways, parking lots, and walk-ways. Prices will be based on the time it takes to remove the leaves.


Shrubbery Pruning

All deciduous, evergreen, and flowering shrubs will be properly pruned to maintain the healthiest plants per nursery guide specifications as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Perennial Cutting

This service involves cutting and removing all perennials, Knock-out Roses and ornamental grasses in the Fall.


Design & Installation

We offer complete design and consultation services for your property. An experienced employee will survey your site and create an autocad design with specific plant selections suitable for your landscape.

  • Design fees are due upon receipt of the design unless the proposed work has been accepted and a down payment has been received. 

  • Turnaround is 10-14 days during the off-season and 3-4 weeks during peak times

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