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Weed Removal and Fertilization

It is critical to prevent weed seed germination. Weed removal and prevention is essential to a healthy lawn. Atlantic prime Turf offers Indianapolis weed removal and treatment (see Carmel weed treatment). We first recommend that you participate in our 5-step fertilization program servicing Brigantine & Southern New Jersey

Our Essential 5 Step Fertilization Program

  • Step 1 (Early Spring)

Granular fertilizer with weed pre-emergent. This provides immediate color to the lawn. Liquid broadleaf treatment is also applied.

  • Step 2 (Late Spring)

Repeat step 1. Also include treatment for Dandelions.

  • Step 3 (Summer)

Liquid treatment for grub and insect control.

  • Step 4 (Early Fall)

Heavy treatment of granular fertilizer plus broadleaf treatment. Aeration and over seeding is recommended before Step 4.

  • Step 5 (Late Fall)

Apply winterizing fertilizer promoting root growth during the winter.

Each spring, all beds will be treated with a weed pre-emergent. All necessary areas will be sprayed with Prosecutor(LESCO Technologies) weed killer and the weeds will take approximately 24 hours to die. Within 24-48 hours the weeds and thistle need to be removed from the premises. This process should be done 3 times each landscaping season for best results.

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